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I love to write and blog.

I began by contributing blogs with the International Teacher Magazine and Early Years Alliance. I also love research, so I have included my a section of my Masters Research. More recently, I have been contributing articles for the Times Educational Supplement, WISEducation and School Management Plus. I enjoy reading and writing narrative and I am especially interested in qualitative research and studies in Early Years education.

Published articles


From Blog to Book, the challenges and rewards of self-publishing – International School Network

International Teachers must be ready for differences in pedagogy and culture – School Management Plus

Want to write a book? Hang on, it’s a wild ride! – Centred on Taipei, September 2021, p.9-10.

How you welcome new international teachers really matters – School Management Plus

What does it take to be a good international teacher? – School Management Plus

Becoming a Successful International Teacher – Teacheroo

The Leuven Scales and How to Use Them – Consillium Education, International Teacher Magazine

Positively enhancing respect, reflection and collective responsibility of young learners – WISEducation

What makes a happy international school – Teacheroo!

Times Educational Supplement

Leadership: How to Build a Culture of Kindness

How to make a good impression at your new school

6 ways to help Primary pupils develop self-regulation

How to use wordless books to build confidence for EAL learners

4 ways to implement inclusion and diversity in EYFS

Why I brought a dog, baby and hamster to class

Fun and impactful was to promote EYFS Maths learning outside

4 ways to support children through experiential learning in EYFS

6 ways to make kindness at the heart of an EYFS classroom

4 ways to find high quality CPD

8 great EYFS podcasts worth checking out

5 ways to help international staff settle in

5 tips to boost language enrichment for EAL pupils

A view from Taiwan


The Big Move -Consillium Education, International Teacher Magazine

Finding a Passion for Play – Leeds Beckett Carnegie School of Education


Story Makers Dialogues – Published Masters Action Research – Leeds Beckett University


The Creative Curriculum in Year 1 – Connect Magazine, Taipei European School.

Child centred and led learning – Early Years Alliance

Working in a temporary toddler-parent setting – Early Years Alliance

How can we make the transition between Early Years and Year 1 easier? – Early Years Alliance

To study or not to study? – Early Years Alliance


Obstacles for International Teachers due to Covid – Educater (November 2011)

How is life for an international educator? – Educater (November 2021)

Respect in the Early Years Classroom – University of Sunderland Childhood Studies also Early Years Tag Team for @CacheAlumni website (September 2021)

Member Spotlight 41: Jess Gosling (an international teacher working in Taiwan) – International School Community (August 2021)

It is Essential We Focus on EAL Learners’ Wellbeing – (July 2021)

New Book for International Teachers by Jess Gosling – Teacheroo! (July 2021)

How to imbed Diversity and Inclusion in Schools – Diverse Education (May 2021)

Articles written about me

Lockdown Chronicles Part 1: Becoming a Successful International Teacher -Kate Osman at Red Room Taipei (July 2021)

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