Life as an International School Teacher

I thought I’d begin here and see how this page develops, perhaps this could move toward a blog in itself. I’ve come to realise many things in this life I’ve chosen for myself and my family. Some things I wish I had known earlier, some pitfalls I could have avoided, but also some huge advantages which I had never known about International Teaching. I hope to put some pointers here with the view to developing this space. Please feel free to message me with questions or areas in which you’d like to know more. Or new areas I hadn’t thought of! I will hyperlink to each of these pages as I write them. I have also opened a Facebook page for general questions so head over there too for more support: New International Teachers. My successful guide was launched in 2021.

1. Starting out – getting recruited!

Prior to PGCE Training my (then) boyfriend and I decided to try our hand at teaching. We began as Assistant Language Teachers in Japan, which just required a degree. We then gained our PGCE in the UK and had a further 2 years experience in the UK. After attending a recruiting event, we began our first placement in Egypt.

2. Moving abroad

I discuss what I did to prepare for each move, the difficulties generally to get to my chosen destination. Not forgetting the benefits!

3. Challenges

What you could experience, uprisings, earthquakes, virus’, housing and distance from home.

4. Planning for and with kids

How the dynamics can change with a family. What to look for in schools and countries.

5. I wish I had known…

This relates to how I could have improved my saving potentials, and some tips I wish I had known from the start…

6. Moving – tips for interviews. How do I know the new school is a ‘good’ school?

This section relates to what we have done to secure subsequent jobs prior to our first.

7. Online CPD

This seems to be often asked for on forums, I will list some excellent low cost or free CPD I have found.

8. FAQs

From time to time I am emailed a question, replies are posted here.

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