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Welcome to my site! Thank you for your visit.

I am an Early Years teacher who has been working internationally in different settings, including international schools, for more than 10 years.

My current international placement is in Taipei, Taiwan. Prior to my move to East Asia, I have taught in both local/state and international schools in England, Egypt, Japan, and Vietnam. My roles have varied, beginning as an Assistant Language Teacher (EAL), moving on to a Teaching Assistant and then to qualify as a teacher in 2008. My specialism was KS1, but over time my passion has grown in the Early Years sector.

I am currently seeking my next international teaching role within Early Years. I would love to develop an Early Years unit, as well as student wellbeing within a school. These are two areas I am very passionate about, having written blogs and articles on the subject and as a guest on podcasts.

Please feel free to contact me with questions, I am always happy to help when I can. I have a several platforms including this page to support international teachers. The first is a Facebook page and group, so if you want your questions answered by a number of teachers, try here: New to International Schools Teachers on Facebook. I also have published guidance on international teaching, both articles and a book.

The aim of this website is two-fold, to encourage dialogue with others relating to all things Early Years and to support teachers’ move internationally. I’m keen to see where this page could lead!

If you are looking to become an international teacher, and would like to see some example of roles, here are some of the latest Early years vacancies from one agency, Teacher Horizons. You can also find roles from Primary through to Secondary on this site.

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