Snapshots from Abroad

This page is designed to showcase real teacher’s voices who are currently working in the field. The idea behind this page is to support teachers considering a move to a new country, with the chance to read about others’ experiences. Of course, these experiences are very personal and individual, but there is nothing like reading different perspectives about the country you have fallen in love with! The posts may not identify schools, as this is not the intention, but will instead give a snapshot of what life is like in each country working as a teacher.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Charles Hopkins (2017-2021)


Rhainnon Phillips-Bianco (1998-2000, 2003-2014 and 2014 to the present)


Holly Laceby (2018-2022)


Rhainnon Phillips-Bianco


Jess Gosling (2018-2022)


Emma Gricmanis (2016-2022)


Jess Gosling (2011-2018) Ho Chi Minh City

Antonia Gill (2021-present) Hanoi

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