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Here I am with my little girl Ella, in Taiwan

I am an British trained Early Years Teacher, based internationally, currently Taiwan. Although trained in the National Curriculum for Primary, my passion has always been Early Years. I discovered this early in my career, teaching Early Years in Egypt for two years. I have one daughter and she, alongside my need to get to grips with a totally different pedagogy, inspired me to complete a Masters in Childhood Studies and Early Years. This course was inspiring and involved an Action Research project where I put my theory into practice by building my own Early Years business in Vietnam. Here I educated both parents and children in the value of play as the most important vehicle for learning in the Early Years. I learnt a great deal on the importance of interactions with both children and their parents. Upon completing the course I was awarded a distinction and it was wonderful to receive this award at the Leeds Beckett Masters ceremony with my daughter watching on. Currently, I am very fortunate to teach in my second year of Reception within an International School in Taiwan. My husband also teaches within Primary (Key Stage 2) and my daughter now is in Year 2.

I love writing, which I began by contributing blogs with the International Teacher Magazine and Early Years Alliance. I also love research, so I have included my a section of my Masters Research. More recently, I have been contributing articles for the Times Educational Supplement (International) and WISEducation. I love reading and writing narrative and am especially interested in qualitative research and studies in Early Years education.


Muddy Puddle Teacher: Teaching internationally and outdoor learning

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