Podcasts and Training

This year, my ‘great’ has been reaching out to the international community through podcasts

I have shared my extensive knowledge about working internationally as well as my experiences working with the youngest, diverse communities in international schools.

Muddy Puddle Teacher with Sarah Seaman

Muddy Puddle Teacher

I discussed outdoor learning and how that looks and is managed from an International School perspective.


#AntiSmallTalks with Shuaib Khan

Teacher Hug Radio episode with Jess Gosling (@JessGosling2) aired on May 15th 2021. I talked about my international journey, work-life balance, the key differences between teaching in the UK and teaching abroad, and much more.

#FEresearchpodcast discussing action research


I discuss my Masters Research involving interactions with pre-verbal children, co-creating understanding with parents as partners. I then discuss more recent action research within my current international school.

Tiny Voice Talks with Toria Bono


Released in July 2021, I discuss with Torio in detail the premise for my book and share many of the findings from my research with international teachers.

In the Rising Podcast

In the Rising Podcast with Bettina M.Brown

My first US podcast was a lovely conversation about how I became a teacher, even when education was not a big part of my childhood household. I discuss how we all should strive for what we want and not accept the status quo if it makes us unhappy.

#Thriving Language Podcast

#Thriving Language Podcast

Here I discuss international teaching and EAL wellbeing and teaching in the mainstream international school classroom.

Live Radio with Jaya Haranandani

In this live recording I shared my views on the most current draws and setbacks for international teachers, in light of Covid 19. I was joined by Lydia Ann Smith, a recruiter from INTA Education.



Conference for Research in Early Childhood Education, The Education University of Hong Kong: Poster presentation, Wellbeing in the Early Years.

21CLHK Online: Presentation ‘Wellbeing and Pedagogy in an EAL, young learner’s classroom’.

WomenEd Taiwan: I launched this group in Taiwan, to support other teachers and aspiring leaders. With my team, we organised the first face-to-face event, with guest speakers. I presented an introduction to WomenEd. We have organsied a further zoom event: Focus on Wellbeing, whereby I introduced key speakers and supported Q and A.

2021 Autoethnography conference: ‘Is every mentor the ‘teacher’? The lived experience of
one teacher in training: complexities, power dynamics and resilience.

Kathy Brodie’s Early Years Summit: International teaching and working within a Mandarin Enrichment Program.

ISP FOBISIA EJaws – Communication, Language and Literacy in the Early Years: Using Focus Groups to Drive Forward Teaching and Learning to Best Support English Language Learners. The link shows an article written about the event.


Booked in 2022, 3 day inset for the British School Rio for Across Cultures: EAL strategies for Early Years.

November 2021 Wellbeing and Pedagogy for all staff: Focus on EAL learners in Early Years


How to provide guided reading, for parents (via video) and learning assistants

Training for learning assistants: effective interactions

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