Frequent Questions and Answers

I thought this may be a useful section, highlighting the questions I receive by mail which may not necessarily fit into the main sections. Please feel free to email any questions you have, I am very happy to help where I can.

1. When do jobs tend to be advertised for the upcoming year? 

Jobs usually come up at the earliest around September, with more coming out after Christmas and then again April time. When I started teaching internationally 11 years ago it was always after Christmas, but now I think job offers are earlier and earlier. It does not harm to send a prospective CV to schools you are interested in during the start of the school year (August onwards), unless the website discourages this.

2. I do not want to work in an international school, do you know any programmes which work with disadvantaged communities or as training teachers within these communities?

Programmes I have heard of that work in communities include the Jet programme and Interac programme (which I did) in Japan, in Brunei there are opportunities to work in local schools through teachaway, I also think this programme has opportunities to train teachers too. I know there are also programmes. My idea would be to first work in local schools to build up the experience and then perhaps seek positions in disadvantaged communities (which may even be the country you are in). Whilst we were in Egypt we also volunteered at a Orphanage and whilst in Vietnam, teachers went to teach in a children’s home, therefore these areas may be worth looking into. I know Americans can participate in Peace Core which are within these communities also.
Also, I did a little scouting myself, and found these companies,  however I think you need to pay to volunteer, or get funding:

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