‘Becoming a Successful International Teacher’ Reviews

“In my opinion Jess’s extraordinary book can be compared to a ‘Lonely Planet’ guide for potential, as well as current, international teachers. She takes her readers on an exciting and simultaneously realistic journey of what is to be expected when entering the field of international teaching. It is an essential book for any international teacher and relevant for teaching posts in every corner of the world! I so wish I had it on my bookshelf before starting my international teaching career 12 years ago.” Klara Kopanaki, international teacher, Kuwait.

“The ideal handbook and guide for all teachers thinking about starting in the international school system. This book will be of genuine value to you from the outset.” Michael Gallagher, director, Thailand.

“The perfect guide for teachers looking to make an international move. In her warm and friendly style, Jess walks the reader through everything that needs to be considered prior to making the big leap! Her wide-ranging experiences, alongside her thorough research, ensure that this book covers everything that you could possibly need to think about before, during, and after an international move. Highly recommended!” Clare Doyle, assistant principal, Singapore.

This is a ‘must have’; it’s everything you need to know and didn’t even know you needed to know in regards to international teaching. Having taught abroad for eight years, I wish I’d had this amazing resource before I considered the move. I nodded my head all the way through!” Jo Connolly, international teacher, Vietnam.

I wish I’d read this book before starting my own international adventure! Not only does it answer all the questions I had, it also provides tips and guidance on things I’d never even thought of. A must read for anyone considering teaching internationally.” Rebekah Massey, international teacher, Taiwan.

Jess has created a thorough guide encompassing all the things you need to consider when starting your adventure abroad. Thoughtfully written with personal experiences, this book is an excellent insight into how to prepare for change and challenges on your journey to a new world of international teaching.” International teacher, Taiwan.

“A must-have for anyone contemplating moving abroad to teach. Jess’s book covers everything a first time international teacher will need. From visa research to how to settle when abroad, this book has it all!  As a teacher from the United States I can say that I wish I had this when we moved abroad, advice aimed at British teachers crosses over with US teachers.” Lucinda Rumpf, current US teacher (previous international).

“This is the perfect guide and a must read for anyone considering teaching overseas or even moving between international posts. Jess has thought about everything, giving a step by step guide with so much detail, making the whole process much less daunting.” Lizzie Bottomley, international teacher, Taiwan.

“My impression of the book is that it’s an excellent and honest insight into the practicalities of working as an international teacher. It’s a comprehensive guide on deciding whether it’s the right adventure for you and what steps to take to make a smoother transition.” Rowena Bracken, international teacher, Australia.

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