Free DEI plans and stories

I wanted to share this link as the resources are fantastic for parents with children or those of us teaching young children.

The company is Right now they offer free resources to teach Personal/Social/Emotion learning to young kids, I think the resources could work all the way through Primary school age.

Especially useful are the 6 weeks plans/activities you can download for free. Each week has its own PDF book. Week 6 has a book based on the coronavirus, entitled something like ‘Seeing Rainbows’. If you have anxious children right now this book is really clear and honest, not scary at all.

I shared it with my daughter today and I really like the ending when the world has returned to normal, as I just don’t think kids can envision this right now.
The organization is not for profit and offering all of the 6 weeks (books and ideas) for free as they are just, well, excellent people. If you like it, you can donate.

A fabulous organization.

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