Voice and Choice

This article, “What makes employees empowered to speak up”, is so interesting to me. It would appear that participation is based on choice.“We found that thinking about choices makes people feel stronger and more powerful, which makes sense because the act of choosing allows people to influence their environment while expressing their preferences, values, andContinue reading “Voice and Choice”

Amazing Amazon Countdown Deal

Do you fancy living in Dubai next year? Make it your reality by using the advice from my guide. My amazing offer day is fast approaching, on 21st September my digital copy of ‘Becoming a Successful International Teacher’ will be part of an Amazon countdown deal, so will be a fraction of the price atContinue reading “Amazing Amazon Countdown Deal”

Why I think Twitter is so important for Educators @WomenEdTW

A GUIDE TO USING TWITTER Why do we use Twitter? Access to a huge network of those involved in education: connections and advice is available from fellow teachers, leaders and experts and those who work towards social change (such as diversity and inclusion). These connections and discussions allow you to reach out to others globally.Continue reading “Why I think Twitter is so important for Educators @WomenEdTW”

How to impress your new school!

My latest article for #TES is about what you can do when you first begin at your new school to really integrate and get yourself known. I’ll be following my own advice next year, as my husband and I will also be searching for our next exciting position come 2022~2023! https://www.tes.com/news/6-ways-make-big-impression-new-school-teachers?amp

Awareness #MonthlyWritingChallenge

For this month’s challenge, I reflected on both awareness and self-awareness. To be aware requires a great deal of reflection and therefore self-awareness. I don’t feel we can really separate the two, they are interrelated and affect us to the core. For example, I am self-aware that I care. Everything about me cares: about well-being,Continue reading “Awareness #MonthlyWritingChallenge”

Affirmation #MonthlyWritingChallenge

I have finally caught up with this month to try to write the blog for the challenge. I have enjoyed reading others and I think my writing will resonate with theirs. When I searched for a suitable picture on affirmations and I found a toddler staring up at large words. Words he can not yetContinue reading “Affirmation #MonthlyWritingChallenge”