Culture Shock: What’s your experience?

Hi international teachers! I am currently researching ‘culture shock’. This has been a term I have come across several times, usually at inductions at new schools. Currently, I am designing a course to support international teachers and I would love to unpick the term further, in our context. Although is a lack of specific researchContinue reading “Culture Shock: What’s your experience?”

The Process of Settling

So I thought I’d update on all that has happened since arriving at my new international teaching position, Poland. We started on the right foot, with a holiday in Poland. Although short lived, as both my husband and daughter suffered with Covid from day 4 of arrival, starting on a high certainly built the excitement.Continue reading “The Process of Settling”

Tomorrow’s the Day for New Adventures!

So the day has finally come! I wanted to connect with all international teachers about to take the plunge. I’m on my fifth move now, but this one has made me reflect deeply on my choice to live abroad. This really surprised me, as all I have ever wanted to do in my life wasContinue reading “Tomorrow’s the Day for New Adventures!”

A week to departure: musings from the UK

With just over a week to go, I feel excitement and a mix of jitters too on our upcoming move to Poland. We are seeking apartments and they are hard to come buy, we’ve ironed out specifics on our contract, and we are now at the stage of buying up essentials to have a stockContinue reading “A week to departure: musings from the UK”

A Delayed Return: The Mental Drain of Covid

Happy Summer Holidays International Teachers! I have finished teaching in Taiwan and I have landed safely in the UK. I’ve decided to write, as, for me, this is the best way to process my thoughts. This is quite a personal blog! Amazingly, the transition through Heathrow Airport was smooth, although there were huge queues, weContinue reading “A Delayed Return: The Mental Drain of Covid”

The Hardest Place to be as an International Teacher: In Limbo

Is this the hardest place to be? My decision to leave my current school was made last year, my ticket was bought two months ago and now I have 5 weeks teaching left to go. My work is pretty quiet as I am teaching online. Reports done. Assessment done. Planning and slides done. At home,Continue reading “The Hardest Place to be as an International Teacher: In Limbo”

Legacy #MonthlyWritingChallenge #DiverseEducators

Forgive me. I haven’t written for a long while. Taiwan has been hit by Covid with cases now in the tens of thousands, and our lives are changing here rapidly. While we are no longer fearful, the realities in terms of class closures and online learning are difficult for all. Everything has become quiet. IContinue reading “Legacy #MonthlyWritingChallenge #DiverseEducators”

Teach Early Years: All about transitions

I have just published in my first #EarlyYears magazine #teachearlyyears. I feel proud to be included in this and have since thought of other great ways to ensure calm #transitions with young children. This year my class are certainly helping me to perfect my skills! 8. As the children sit on the carpet, sing aContinue reading “Teach Early Years: All about transitions”