The Hardest Place to be as an International Teacher: In Limbo

Is this the hardest place to be? My decision to leave my current school was made last year, my ticket was bought two months ago and now I have 5 weeks teaching left to go. My work is pretty quiet as I am teaching online. Reports done. Assessment done. Planning and slides done. At home,Continue reading “The Hardest Place to be as an International Teacher: In Limbo”

Legacy #MonthlyWritingChallenge #DiverseEducators

Forgive me. I haven’t written for a long while. Taiwan has been hit by Covid with cases now in the tens of thousands, and our lives are changing here rapidly. While we are no longer fearful, the realities in terms of class closures and online learning are difficult for all. Everything has become quiet. IContinue reading “Legacy #MonthlyWritingChallenge #DiverseEducators”

Teach Early Years: All about transitions

I have just published in my first #EarlyYears magazine #teachearlyyears. I feel proud to be included in this and have since thought of other great ways to ensure calm #transitions with young children. This year my class are certainly helping me to perfect my skills! 8. As the children sit on the carpet, sing aContinue reading “Teach Early Years: All about transitions”

#DiverseEducators World Book Day Event 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed joining the Diverse Educators Book Day Event very early this morning, which supports educators from varied backgrounds. Not many people know that I do not come from a family of educators, or even an upbringing that supported further education. However, my love of learning led me to want to complete an extraContinue reading “#DiverseEducators World Book Day Event 2022”

Why UK schools should hire international teachers

I wrote this article for Nexus Education after hearing about the difficulties some of my international colleagues, in particular leaders, face when applying to return home to work. I find this a surprising issue as the experiences and training I have received as an #internationalteacher far outweigh those I could access when teaching in theContinue reading “Why UK schools should hire international teachers”

#WomenEd Taiwan CV Clinic – a huge success!

We had a really enjoyable CV clinic event today as #WomenEdTw after a minor connection issue, we were online on time. There were fantastic CV creation takeaways including:Clear formattingMaking the CV relevant to the job specPersonalise it to you, including a short profileCelebrate your accomplishments with positive, action verbs But more than anything, I learnt the power of collaboration. WhenContinue reading “#WomenEd Taiwan CV Clinic – a huge success!”

Courage, #WomenEd #MonthlyWritingChallenge

I have written this blog for two reasons: the first is to introduce the vision for WomenEd Taiwan, an amazing group I have been part of now since August 2021. The second is to hopefully give others the courage to take that first step in believing in themselves and activating their ‘voice’. When I thoughtContinue reading “Courage, #WomenEd #MonthlyWritingChallenge”

Book Day 2022 event with #DiverseEducators

I am so excited to be part of this online event, sharing my story (and book) amongst other published authors such as Amy Sayer, Anoara Mughal and more. If you are interested in finding out more, check the eventbrite link: Check out “World Book Day 2022: A Conversation with #DiverseEd Authors” on Eventbrite! Date: Fri,Continue reading “Book Day 2022 event with #DiverseEducators”