Playing around with Canva

Previously, I have experimented with Canva when making business cards, even when having a try at mocking up my book cover. Recently, I’ve been making little info-graphics to share areas of my book that I feel will help teachers at their particular stage of the international journey. Right now, teachers are either prepping to leaveContinue reading “Playing around with Canva”

What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)

This past month feels like I am on a fast spinning treadmill! It’s been fabulous! Firstly, I recorded for Kathy Brodie’s Early Years Summit which was my first experience of offering external CPD. I knew of this Summit as my Masters’ dissertation was based on ‘Interactions’ which amazingly was running in the year I beganContinue reading “What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)”