2023: Seeking and Responding to Surprises

I thought I’d start with this image: more than 100 locks of love secured and promised.

How often do we promise ourselves something, which reflects our love for ourselves? I’m guessing, if you are like me, practically never!

This picture was just one I snapped as I walked around Gdansk, this Christmas break. Here is another.

Both pictures show to me what I have always held true with travel, you can turn a corner and find something completely different, a new surprise. The first I happened upon as I was seeking a vegetarian lunch and the second was ‘amber’ street, discovered as I walked into the old town.

These surprises are delightful and I find more often than not, I enjoy them more than my original destination. There is a feeling of ‘discovery’ about them.

Which made me reflect again, what surprises have I had that have shown me a way forward to something different and exciting?

Well, at the end of 2022 I was offered several training, presenting and writing experiences. They seemed come all at once, as these things do. Instead of wondering how I would do them, especially the live (!) ones, I simply accepted. And this Christmas break I have been working on them.

I made sure I chose times that would work for my family and other commitments; but working in the evening, on a long train or car journey, stimulated me in these different areas and has made me think of other goals I want from my life.

2023, I promise will be a ‘yes’ year to new experiences, to more writing and presenting. I will seek these experiences as well as connect with others in educational content writing. Loving myself enough to believe I deserve these experiences and quite frankly, rock them, is what I will continue to remind myself.

In 2023, what new surprises will you seek? Will you be open to change?

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