2023: Seeking and Responding to Surprises

I thought I’d start with this image: more than 100 locks of love secured and promised. How often do we promise ourselves something, which reflects our love for ourselves? I’m guessing, if you are like me, practically never! This picture was just one I snapped as I walked around Gdansk, this Christmas break. Here isContinue reading “2023: Seeking and Responding to Surprises”

Culture Shock: What’s your experience?

Hi international teachers! I am currently researching ‘culture shock’. This has been a term I have come across several times, usually at inductions at new schools. Currently, I am designing a course to support international teachers and I would love to unpick the term further, in our context. Although is a lack of specific researchContinue reading “Culture Shock: What’s your experience?”

What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)

This past month feels like I am on a fast spinning treadmill! It’s been fabulous! Firstly, I recorded for Kathy Brodie’s Early Years Summit which was my first experience of offering external CPD. I knew of this Summit as my Masters’ dissertation was based on ‘Interactions’ which amazingly was running in the year I beganContinue reading “What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)”