My book will feature in the World Education Summit!

I am excited to announce that my book has been chosen to be part of this huge world summit in March! I will discuss my motivations for the book and share tips from each chapter in the 15 minute ‘Living Books’ section of the Summit. So if you have signed up, or will sign up,Continue reading “My book will feature in the World Education Summit!”

Reflections on 2021 #Highlights21 #WomenEd

As we near to the end of 2021, I was pleased to be given the challenge to record my highlights this year, including how I have been #10PercentBraver and what I have achieved. Upon reflection, I can honestly say that 2021 has been my most career driven year to date, except for my PGCE yearContinue reading “Reflections on 2021 #Highlights21 #WomenEd”

Schools Out! Where will you be in 2022?

For many of us we pushed ourselves to the end line yesterday! Christmas shows, parties and now we try to wind down. I have enjoyed this term and have been lucky enough to land several pre~interviews, but I’m gearing up for more in January. I already feel excited about my new possibilities, will Christmas beContinue reading “Schools Out! Where will you be in 2022?”

Well being in Early Years, within an international school with a high percentage EAL of children

International schools, which have a high percentage of local native language speakers, there is a juxtaposition between the language of the school (English) and the first language of the children (Mandarin). To support these children, I have reflected and developed techniques of working with these students in a supportive way, valuing their native language, andContinue reading “Well being in Early Years, within an international school with a high percentage EAL of children”

Fulfilment @DiverseEducators #MonthlyWritingChallenge

This month is an interesting blog title. When I first reflected upon this word, I considered it as ‘happiness’. But is being fulfilled being happy? I decided to consult the dictionary definition: noun: fulfillment the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted,”winning the championship was the fulfilment of a childhood dream.” the meeting of a requirement,Continue reading “Fulfilment @DiverseEducators #MonthlyWritingChallenge”

Presenting at 21CLHK Online: Wellbeing and Pedagogy in a EAL, young learners classroom

I am excited to announce that I will be delivering at this upcoming, 2 week conference, with a host of fantastic speakers, including Guy Claxton and Dr. Darya Yegorina, as well as Twitter colleagues, Annie-Jane Finch-Johnson and Louise Heard. I will be sharing this presentation with my school team also in November. Check the siteContinue reading “Presenting at 21CLHK Online: Wellbeing and Pedagogy in a EAL, young learners classroom”

Voice and Choice

This article, “What makes employees empowered to speak up”, is so interesting to me. It would appear that participation is based on choice.“We found that thinking about choices makes people feel stronger and more powerful, which makes sense because the act of choosing allows people to influence their environment while expressing their preferences, values, andContinue reading “Voice and Choice”