Voice and Choice

This article, “What makes employees empowered to speak up”, is so interesting to me. It would appear that participation is based on choice.
“We found that thinking about choices makes people feel stronger and more powerful, which makes sense because the act of choosing allows people to influence their environment while expressing their preferences, values, and beliefs.”
I certainly can relate to this and agree: in the workplace, where employee voice is important and valued, I have felt much happier and willing to contribute and volunteer.
Then I thought about the classroom I wish to create. I have always loved #EYFS as the children have voice and choice in their actions and learning. This I feel becomes limited in KS1, within the confines of the National Curriculum.
A second aspect of article was also interesting. #Agency and #empowerment decreases when there are far too many choices. On Friday, I stood back and looked at my provision and told my colleague, there are too many provocations here. The children were scattering around each area, unable to focus as they usually do in one or two.
These parallels between my Community of Learners (my class) and wider organisations for an employee shows in Early Years at least, we have got #learning right.


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