#WomenEd Taiwan CV Clinic – a huge success!

Fantastic, collaboration at #WomenEd TW CV Clinic

We had a really enjoyable CV clinic event today as #WomenEdTw after a minor connection issue, we were online on time.

There were fantastic CV creation takeaways including:
Clear formatting
Making the CV relevant to the job spec
Personalise it to you, including a short profile
Celebrate your accomplishments with positive, action verbs

But more than anything, I learnt the power of collaboration.

When I organised the clinic, I tried to do it all. This afternoon I realised that sharing the slides on my screen and crossing over to CVs on Zoom would be tricky. Therefore I contacted Jaya Hiranandani a fellow leader of #WomenedTw who as always, took the role of hosting and made a good event…fantastic.

Furthermore, Philip Wharton FCCT added brilliant insight as did others at SLT level. Further collaboration took place with Lydia Anne Smith amazing discussion in addition to reviewing CVs.

Finally, we opened the floor to our participants who offered great insight into the struggles we can face searching for international teaching jobs.

It was a joy to run this #event and I look forward to our next face~to~face event in March, for #IWD2022 #WomenEd #strongertogether #heforshe

Here are the youtube links for the CV clinics (Part 1 and 2)

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