#DiverseEducators World Book Day Event 2022

Diverse Educators World Book Day 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed joining the Diverse Educators Book Day Event very early this morning, which supports educators from varied backgrounds. Not many people know that I do not come from a family of educators, or even an upbringing that supported further education. However, my love of learning led me to want to complete an extra A-level in night class, a degree, the PGCE and later a Masters with distinction.

At this event I was fortunate to meet wonderful authors such as Amy Sayar, whose focus is Staff Mental Health; Kulvarn Atwal, who wrote ‘The Thinking School; Rae Snape who created a Head Teacher’s Manual, and Anoara Mughal who writes about Metacognition in Schools.

I was worried I’d feel a certain amount of ‘imposters syndome’, as I had never taken part in such an event. But the sheer down-to-earth warmth from each of these writers had me convinced that I did have a place amongst them. We do have to fight stereotypes and expectations every single day, yet each of these authors, through their determination, networking and finding great supportive publishers, such as John Catt, were published.

An author does not and should not fit a mould. But they should know their subject matter inside and out, they should have lived it, which each and every one of these authors do.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to present at my first authors event. Thank you Hannah Wilson of #Diverse Educators for supporting us.

The youtube link to the event:

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