First quarter of 2023: A time to reflect and learn

First and foremost, a quick shout out to teachers now starting their Easter break! I hope you enjoy a peaceful and well-deserved rest. If you are moving abroad this year, take the time to check out my chapters on prior preparation before the move, and how to adjust to your new location. Believe me, it will come quickly! And if you are still seeking a job, don’t give up! Be aware Europe is still advertising, my school has just re-advertised for jobs.

So what have I been doing? I must say this has been a quiet few months for me. I have continued to write for TES, but not at the same frequency as I was last year. I thought about my why for this slowing down and taking stock. I realise that a lot has happened in these past 6 months. A new school, new home, new country, and a return to something which was once familiar, but now is alien. I have alluded to reverse culture-shock previously, but this is something I have really identified with my adaptation here in Europe. Everything is quite like England.

Yet, I have begun to build my network, starting a book club of complete strangers (!) which turned out to be great. A complete mix of age and nationalities, all with different and interesting jobs. I’ve developed my unit too, arriving with few basic resources to now, a well-resourced unit with open-ended materials and challenging toys. As my confidence has grown so has my wish to continue to improve where I work, and I have created action plans to this end which are being well-considered.

I have also taken this ‘quiet’ period as one in which to learn. I have been following conferences and webinars. I feel after writing so much and presenting at conferences, it is extremely important to return to learning in a intentional way. I have enjoyed learning so much from other’s experiences, including experts. Through following webinars I have made new connections also for my #PLN.

I wonder if others follow this cycle, knowingly. Teaching then learning, a back and forth which ensures we all grow. Let me know if this is what you do.

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