Why I think Twitter is so important for Educators @WomenEdTW


Why do we use Twitter?

  • Access to a huge network of those involved in education: connections and advice is available from fellow teachers, leaders and experts and those who work towards social change (such as diversity and inclusion). These connections and discussions allow you to reach out to others globally. For example, you can ask about working in different countries, earning a teaching license, and the best courses to those who have or are experiencing them.
  • Through accessing this network and any of the WomenEd divisions (worldwide) we can gain support for our needs, be it advice, training, courses and information. Our network moves from a small Taiwan Facebook group to worldwide!
  • Building up your own network is excellent for future career prospects. You can see how schools are run by following the Principal or engage in conversations with them and/or teachers at a particular school. This is a way to get yourself known in the sphere and develop yourself within a ‘community of practice’.
  • Through Twitter you can further your own understanding in education by reading/contributing and creating your posts with questions. Furthermore, you can keep up to date with current trends in education, perfect for prospects and interviews.
  • You can improve your own practice through discussions, debates and also images posted of classrooms and work that takes place.
  • If you like to blog, you have a platform in which to post them which will receive a wide audience. Similarly, you can read other blogs and have access to articles to improve your skills and knowledge.
  • We can hold online chats to discuss any issues we have in our workplaces. Relevant webinars and conferences will be posted on Twitter, from all of the WomenEd groups as well as outside groups. We would like to create webinars or discussions covering and supporting your needs and questions.
  • The Twitter world is a kind and supportive one, which will help you on your education journey. 

How to Start

  1. Join first and choose your name (handle). I use the app on my phone, it is quick and easy to access.
  2. Join @WomenEdTW.
  3. Look at ‘followers’ and add each person (click follow); these are all the people interested in following WomenEd Taiwan. This means you are connected and you will see what they write. They may or may not follow you back, it does not matter.
  4. Then, you can follow the other WomenEd groups world wide (to name a few there is Thailand, Singapore, Netherlands, UK, USA) and any other group you are interested in.
  5. Depending on where and what you teach, check out a #. For example, I teach pre-school. I look at #earlyyears or #kindergarten. I scroll through the posts and click on the profiles of teachers that are interesting to me. I may then follow them and check who they follow, then add them also. This way you build your network as often people will add you back.
  6. As part of WomenEd Taiwan we will post networking questions such as ‘What are you doing today?’ and we will make a hashtag which everyone uses, such as #WomenEdTWtoday. People reply to this question and write the hashtag. Then you can connect with them also. We will begin with introductions but we may use these conversation starters for anything – such as Taiwanese culture questions, support for special needs etc. If you hashtag anything in your reply, people from these areas can find it.

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