Amazing Amazon Countdown Deal

Do you fancy living in Dubai next year? Make it your reality by using the advice from my guide.

My amazing offer day is fast approaching, on 21st September my digital copy of ‘Becoming a Successful International Teacher’ will be part of an Amazon countdown deal, so will be a fraction of the price at just GBP 99p! Every day for a week the price will increase in increments. Grab it on the 21st!

Full of helpful information, personal experiences, tips, and helpful links, the book includes:

How and where to find the best international teaching jobs

Which countries and environments will suit you, your partner, and your dependents

Different types of international schools and what to expect

How to find the ‘perfect fit’ in terms of location and school

Advice on creating winning applications and excelling in interviews

Information on salaries and benefits

The practicalities of movingHow to survive, thrive, and be highly successful in your new job

Key considerations for single teachers, teaching couples, trailing spouses, and families

Here is the link:

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