Fulfilment @DiverseEducators #MonthlyWritingChallenge

Is she fulfilled?

This month is an interesting blog title. When I first reflected upon this word, I considered it as ‘happiness’. But is being fulfilled being happy? I decided to consult the dictionary definition:

noun: fulfillment

  1. the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted,”winning the championship was the fulfilment of a childhood dream.”
  2. the meeting of a requirement, condition, or need, “the fulfilment of statutory requirements”.

I find myself currently caught between these two definitions, as perhaps many of us who are actively seeking a new role are. Having scoped out schools and attended a recruitment event, often I am presented with a dream. The dream is embedded with the requirement to find a suitable place of employment for my family.

When I research a prospective new school, I imagine my life within a new society and workplace. I visualise it: my daughter, laughing in the playground with a group of new friends, care-free and without pressure. I imagine myself, in an Early Years unit, one where the children are exploring, laughing and full of joy. Where I am an active participant with them in this new environment, expanding upon my own practise and learning from others. I even imagine autumn, a season I haven’t seen in many years due to living in Asia. I can picture the leaves turning colour on the trees outside the school, beyond the gates where the forest school begins.

These musings I know are idyllic. But my way to begin step closer to fulfilment is to search for a great place to call home. One where I can settle, build a community, and thrive. A place where my ethos is shared, to build and support others and to consider every action through the lens of kindness. I know that the new location will be likely not able to tick every box, as the imagination paints the grandest of pictures. But I know my move to a new environment, school and home will be one of adventure. In this I will feel fulfilment. I know for sure I can predict that the move will bring me closer to love, my family, who have waited for the connections to be re-established for more than two years now. A third Christmas holiday separated.

Covid 19 has tried to strip away all dreams. In its wake lies fear and worry. I too felt this for a long time, weighing up my choice to move on. But the pandemic will not stop my desire to move to a better place for all of my family. It will not stop my dreams at being part of an amazing school and community. The move promises a change.

Fulfilment is taking risks, living life to the full, and not looking back. When a decision is made, the change must be embraced. Unless you already consider yourself fulfilled. I would say when fulfilment is reached in a certain area, you would consider yourself happy. Otherwise why would you change it?

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