Reflections on 2021 #Highlights21 #WomenEd

As we near to the end of 2021, I was pleased to be given the challenge to record my highlights this year, including how I have been #10PercentBraver and what I have achieved. Upon reflection, I can honestly say that 2021 has been my most career driven year to date, except for my PGCE year (2006-2007). So what have I achieved?

A sense of confidence and realisation of ‘self’

This is a big one to start with! But through my writing, which includes articles for Diverse Educators, WISEducation, Times Educational Supplement and my book, I have found my voice. I realise that what I have to say and offer matters, is of value, and of interest. This re-ignited passion for writing has preoccupied my mind and fulfilled my spirit.

A step into the limelight

So I joined Twitter, one of the most amazing educational communities I have ever been part of. I have learnt so much in terms of education but also comradeship. I connected with fantastic people and soon realised that many were part of #WomenEd. As Taiwan does not have an active #WomenEd community, I set one up. I connected with an amazing colleague, Jaya Asmi, and reached out to a friend, who is a marketing and design extraordinaire and full-time mum, Jessica Wang Simula, to make the WomenEd Taiwan team. I couldn’t have organised our initial meetup and zoom event without their help. Teamwork, as my daughter always says, truly does make the dream work. Building this community has been a dream.

A huge decision to move on, out of my safety net

Although I still love Taiwan, there were both personal and professional reasons that make it a good time to move on. I made the decision early, in August. Although I have doubted the decision, I live in a society free of Covid19, I have had many ‘fated’ experiences which continually prove I need to spread my wings. Originally I was searching for a teaching role, but after speaking with colleagues and working with #WomenEd, I realise I AM GOOD ENOUGH. Even better than good, I’m an excellent practitioner and a team member who naturally leads. I would be an asset to any school. So now I am applying for middle-management roles also.

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