Schools Out! Where will you be in 2022?

Where will you go in 2022

For many of us we pushed ourselves to the end line yesterday! Christmas shows, parties and now we try to wind down.

I have enjoyed this term and have been lucky enough to land several pre~interviews, but I’m gearing up for more in January.

I already feel excited about my new possibilities, will Christmas be in the snow? Will I be able to spend both Summer and Christmas with family? What new adventures will I have?

For those teachers who are still considering international teaching, it isn’t too late. The next recruitment round is coming up and there will be even more jobs. If you are in your safe space, but want adventure for 2022, then start looking at your alternatives. There are many!

My book, Becoming a Successful International Teacher, is a one~stop easy to read, direct guide to researching and finding your new adventure abroad. It is now available through major bookstores, book depository and of course, Amazon.

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