Teach Early Years: All about transitions

Teach Early Years: the leading Early Years practitioner publication

I have just published in my first #EarlyYears magazine #teachearlyyears. I feel proud to be included in this and have since thought of other great ways to ensure calm #transitions with young children. This year my class are certainly helping me to perfect my skills!

8. As the children sit on the carpet, sing a little song to encourage others, ‘Everybody sit down, sit down, sit down, everybody sit down, just like (name here)’. The children love to hear their name so try to get in a spot. I tell the children to look at the beautiful sitting of (name).

9. Create a instruction sequence for routine tasks which can be shown on one google slide, with numbered steps. Have this available at transition time. When children get stuck, refer to the slide. They may not always hear what you are saying! This advice is directly from the amazing Elkhan Speech and Language accredited course I am currently attending. Apparently, children only hear 9% of what we say, our body language/cues and visual images support their understanding.

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