Musings from job~seeker

This year I started my job search, for 2022~2023 year.

The last time I was seeking work was 4 years prior and for Asia.

This time round I noticed several changes. In some ways the search is more challenging as European schools are sought after. I feel that either the job search has developed or there a very different requirements for job~seekers looking at continents such as Europe.

For example, for teaching roles, interviews were requested two or more times, sometimes with different or more staff, but sometimes with the same person. The second interview was considered more ‘formal’. At times, the first meeting is described as a pre~interview. I like the idea of a pre~interview, as this is chance to really work out should you want to proceed. You have a chance to meet the head which for me, can greatly sway my interest in a school.

Some other points:

1. I wonder if I have changed since my last job~search. I avoided many schools on offer in Europe, as I knew the ethos and values would not be a good fit for either me or my family.

2. There appears to be a great interest in digital presence and this certainly has helped my applications.

3. Salaries are often not transparent. Some schools were happy to send me the salary after the initial meet, one school waited until just before the third interview.

4. It is really important to find out your schedule. In my book I emphasized talking to a member of staff. However, this may not be enough. For example, I have seen differences in terms of timetables between early years and Primary, something I would never have expected.

5. There seems to be less jobs. This is hiring season for Europe, but when applying for Asia we would be hired in a group. Often in Europe I only see one job or two jobs advertised in one school. It has been more challenging to find both an Early Years and KS2 position. Therefore, it may be wise for teachers took for a city with many schools.

In summary, I feel the interview process requires more from applicants and takes longer. With a series of interviews, the job may not be offered until weeks after the initial pre~meeting. Jobs in Europe are in high demand. To be a strong applicant, you need to stand out, which is likely to include a digital presence.

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