Legacy #MonthlyWritingChallenge #DiverseEducators

A ripple effect

Forgive me. I haven’t written for a long while.

Taiwan has been hit by Covid with cases now in the tens of thousands, and our lives are changing here rapidly. While we are no longer fearful, the realities in terms of class closures and online learning are difficult for all.

Everything has become quiet. I could not write.

Yet…this morning my energy returned.

Several factors led to this: re-connecting with friends, zoom with colleagues and wise words of a close ally who always raises me up.

So I decided to see this time as a pause, as part of a busy life, a hitch within a long continuum. Reflecting upon and evaluating this challenging time has changed my mindset.

I have thought about legacy and what that means. My first thought was a recent one, I remembered watching my daughter typing a story on her Ipad. I asked her to read her introduction to me. Clearing her throat, she said “…inspired by my great grand-father and my mum, both writers”. I have never considered this to be my legacy, but to her it is.

In a few months I will leave Taiwan. This made me consider, moving on from a school, what legacy do I leave, or take from there? Working internationally I have been lucky to have encountered so many different ways of working and inspiring individuals in education.

But will I leave something behind? I hope I am remembered for always keeping my values central to who I am and ensuring how I work puts the child at the centre.

Then I looked at the image of the ripples in water.

I believe that your legacy is really about what or whom you continue affect in a positive way.

This year and last I felt the ripples from collaborations with others, especially #WomenEd. Through watching and experiencing such amazing support, I have become more aware of the person I want to be to others. Empowering others as my goal. I can not think of any better legacy to leave behind.

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