The Hardest Place to be as an International Teacher: In Limbo

Is this the hardest place to be?

My decision to leave my current school was made last year, my ticket was bought two months ago and now I have 5 weeks teaching left to go.

My work is pretty quiet as I am teaching online. Reports done. Assessment done. Planning and slides done.

At home, all my worldly things are mostly sold. Some are hanging on in here waiting for a hot day (we have had very few of these this year), such as the sun lounger, paddling pool and deck chairs. Others have already gone.

I’ve planned my arrival to the UK, booking a hotel and car. I’ve also finished up with admin here and in the UK.

So now it’s a waiting game. It’s quiet.

I really struggle with this time. I have begun to imagine the move, new places, the ability to travel again. The most difficult aspect is definitely the wait!

If this is your first move, do check out my chapters on preparing to move and arrival, there is a lot to think about and some factors are easy to miss.

For all those international teachers currently waiting, I hope the time goes quickly for you. The excitement of a new adventure, at least for my family, has been a long wait.

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