Tomorrow’s the Day for New Adventures!

So the day has finally come! I wanted to connect with all international teachers about to take the plunge.

I’m on my fifth move now, but this one has made me reflect deeply on my choice to live abroad.

This really surprised me, as all I have ever wanted to do in my life was to teach and live abroad.

I feel the reason for these feelings come from living on a small island for so long, with little chance of travel due to hefty quarantines. I hadn’t travelled in 2.5 years abroad.

Furthermore, my return to the UK has been so very nice. So easy. I’ve relished in conversations everywhere, random ‘hellos’ on walks, and being able to describe in a cafe exactly how I want my coffee! It’s funny just how novel and frankly amazing this feels after so long trying to communicate (badly) in a second language.

I think up until this point I just haven’t wanted to give this up. At all.

I began looking at housing and considering what I could do back in Blighty.

Then, today, the eve of my flight, everything changed.

As what usually happens with schools, all my worries seemed to be solved within a day. The perfect apartment was secured for my family (and this has not been easy due to supply and demand). I worked out roaming on my mobile (silly but a concern as we leave from the airport in a hire car). All bags are packed and waiting in the hallway, with some weight to spare!

Now, all I feel is HUGE excitement. Excitement to begin to travel again, work in school with great opportunities, settle in a new community and create more memories.

I can’t wait to begin new adventures tomorrow. It honestly feels like Christmas, my stomach has butterflies and I’m practically skipping around the house. This is what international teaching is. Embrace adventure!

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