The Process of Settling

Small Steps

So I thought I’d update on all that has happened since arriving at my new international teaching position, Poland.

We started on the right foot, with a holiday in Poland. Although short lived, as both my husband and daughter suffered with Covid from day 4 of arrival, starting on a high certainly built the excitement. We really enjoyed walking around Krakow, a highly European, historical city. We were looking around and up so much we ended up crashing into one another!

In the early stages of Covid, we drove north to stay in a chalet close to Warsaw. We stayed in a beautiful small town on the river, with enough to do for a couple of days. My husband and daughter had chance to recover here whilst I relaxed in the garden reading and enjoying the good food of the town.

We then travelled onwards to Warsaw. My daughter had just about recovered whilst my husband was still struggling with Covid. Our school provided a hotel and the next day we signed our apartment contract. Luckily, the photos did the apartment justice and our landlord joked at our craziness of paying deposit and rent before seeing the place! However, we had never felt so good about having a place to call home so soon.

That day, with exactly 24 hours left on the car hire, we drove to Ikea and a nearby electronics store. Ikea was confusing and it was only by asking several people we understood that everything to buy was on the bottom level. We didn’t know how to order a mattress and bunk bed, as the systems of course looked different to what we were used to. Again, by just asking for help we got it.

Our estate car was full and we organised extra delivery. From signing our contract to getting home, we realised our day had been 13 hours! Somewhat intense but we felt great knowing everything was in place.

We were due in school from Thursday but unfortunately my husband still was testing positive. Instead on Friday I was able to complete tasks on his behalf, which worked well as our daughter could stay home. The government offices ended up being a 3.5 hour wait. Yet, as I had great company of the office manager, it was nice to connect and also ask lots of questions about Poland.

On Saturday I went for a walking tour with new staff and the Head, which was a wonderful way to see the city and again build connections.

On Sunday I set up the first playdate for my daughter. The parents are teachers in a nearby international school plus they have a daughter the same age. Thankfully it was a great success! The girls are friends and it was good for all of us to connect.

Now it is Monday, and we are waiting in an office for a criminal record check (even though we have never visited Poland before). We also will open bank accounts, receive our laptops and identity cards for the school today.

So far, I love the pace of this ‘pre-inset’. Although the bureaucratic processes can be slow but we are supported at every step. We have had chance to explore our neighborhood, find the best coffee shops and visit restaurants. I love how I see deckchairs everywhere with people enjoying the summer.

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