A forum especially made for teachers!

https://social.teacheroo.io/groups/new-to-international-teaching/register Hi everyone! I wanted you all to know about an exciting new outlet for this group, where I hope we will be able to chat in real time. It is called the Teacheroo! App. I have supported shaping this app (available on Apple and android) and I think it will be a really greatContinue reading “A forum especially made for teachers!”

What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)

This past month feels like I am on a fast spinning treadmill! It’s been fabulous! Firstly, I recorded for Kathy Brodie’s Early Years Summit which was my first experience of offering external CPD. I knew of this Summit as my Masters’ dissertation was based on ‘Interactions’ which amazingly was running in the year I beganContinue reading “What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)”