I have begun recoding on my YouTube channel. So far I have added an introduction and a walk through of my guide. If you would like me to discuss certain topics or would like to have questions answered through these videos, please let me know and I will record topics for you. My plan is to try to record a video for each stage of the international teachers journey. Here is the link:

Playing around with Canva

Previously, I have experimented with Canva when making business cards, even when having a try at mocking up my book cover. Recently, I’ve been making little info-graphics to share areas of my book that I feel will help teachers at their particular stage of the international journey. Right now, teachers are either prepping to leave abroad or have moved (and perhaps stopping in quarantine). So I made this little info-graphic on top tips prior to leaving your home country. I hope it helps!

Five top tips on moving abroad

Becoming a Successful International Teacher: A concise step-by-step guide to international teaching

Check out my book on Goodreads: Becoming a Successful International Teacher: A concise step-by-step guide to international teaching

If you do read it please add your review. Thanks so much.

Amazon Author Page

I’m proud to say I now have an author page! It contains a little bio plus another place for this blog to be seen. Very exciting and still a surreal experience. I had a director from a recruitment company mentioned in my book tell me today he had purchased it. He said it was good, and it was the book he was always going to write. A member from my Facebook also commented that it had a lot of helpful information. These two mentions plus 5 star reviews on GoodReads are a big boost to me! I’m glad it’s beginning to be shared.

My reasons for writing a guide for international teachers

The lovely folk at #Teacheroo have just published my blog about why I was motivated to write the guide, Becoming a Successful International Teacher. If you are interested, give it a read!

Becoming a Successful International Teacher: a concise step-by-step guide to international teaching

I have published ‘Becoming a Successful International Teacher’

The guide is now on Amazon, I hope it will support both new and aspiring international teachers make the leap abroad! Every step and stage of the journey is covered, in a direct and concise way! If you prefer an Ebook, this will be available very soon and I will post here. Enjoy!

Here is the link:

New Look Website

Today, the first day of the holiday, I have been tinkering! I hope it in now easier to use!

  • Easy to find articles and podcasts all related to working overseas and teaching diverse children
  • Links to resources and CPD are still all there
  • Research section on my Action Research project: Finding the best methods to embed English language with speakers of other languages, in a non-English environment
  • My blog – covers international teaching and early years. I will begin to post online events useful for both here.

If you have anything you would like to see on this site please use the contact page and let me know!

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