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Today, the first day of the holiday, I have been tinkering! I hope it in now easier to use!

  • Easy to find articles and podcasts all related to working overseas and teaching diverse children
  • Links to resources and CPD are still all there
  • Research section on my Action Research project: Finding the best methods to embed English language with speakers of other languages, in a non-English environment
  • My blog – covers international teaching and early years. I will begin to post online events useful for both here.

If you have anything you would like to see on this site please use the contact page and let me know!

Early Years EAL in International Schools

I’m excited to be partaking in the FOBISIA online EJaws for Early Years Language, Communication and Literacy at The International School @ ParkCity this Friday. This is my second FOBISIA EJaws for Early Years I have attended, so I am really looking forward to networking and making new connections.
However, this time I am presenting a webinar! I will speak about using focus groups to drive forward teaching and learning and how to best support English Language Learners. If you would like to read the summary of our focus group findings then head to my new Research page.

I’m on the schedule for FOBISIA EJaws

Free DEI plans and stories

I wanted to share this link as the resources are fantastic for parents with children or those of us teaching young children.

The company is Right now they offer free resources to teach Personal/Social/Emotion learning to young kids, I think the resources could work all the way through Primary school age.

Especially useful are the 6 weeks plans/activities you can download for free. Each week has its own PDF book. Week 6 has a book based on the coronavirus, entitled something like ‘Seeing Rainbows’. If you have anxious children right now this book is really clear and honest, not scary at all.

I shared it with my daughter today and I really like the ending when the world has returned to normal, as I just don’t think kids can envision this right now.
The organization is not for profit and offering all of the 6 weeks (books and ideas) for free as they are just, well, excellent people. If you like it, you can donate.

A fabulous organization.

Teacheroo app is nearly at 1000 members!

More and more teachers are now supporting this app, I’m so glad I have joined it at the beginning. It is continually developing and it is really exciting to be part of the project. Join via my link to access the group.

A forum especially made for teachers!

Hi everyone!

I wanted you all to know about an exciting new outlet for this group, where I hope we will be able to chat in real time. It is called the Teacheroo! App. I have supported shaping this app (available on Apple and android) and I think it will be a really great resource for teachers. It is FREE to sign up and it has fantastic groups, such as: diversity in education, EdTech, EFL community, NQTs, Nursery and Early Years, Outdoor Provision and much more. But the newest addition is….New to International Teaching group! Come join!

I have a link below will give you instant access to the group and you can add all the other groups you like too. You can not find my group without the link, so it’s a bit exclusive! So click on the link and join 😊

I look forward to the chats we can have on there and seeing you across the other groups. There are also articles posted regularly and it is a fabulous way to network with teachers and admin across other schools.

I hope you are as excited as I am!

If you haven’t already, join the Facebook group for budding New International Teachers!

This is full of tips and advice, where every question is respected. We are a friendly bunch!

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