Affirmation #MonthlyWritingChallenge

Almost like the toddler looking at the symbols he can not read

I have finally caught up with this month to try to write the blog for the challenge. I have enjoyed reading others and I think my writing will resonate with theirs.

When I searched for a suitable picture on affirmations and I found a toddler staring up at large words. Words he can not yet read but perhaps knows, from books read by his family, that they mean something.

This is how I see affirmations. I see them pop up on my phone or on a Facebook feed, ‘You are good enough’, ‘I am worthy of good things’, ‘I’ll handle criticism with ease’ and so forth. But I wonder, who do these work for? Is it a certain British-ness that I will never listen to words such as these, directed at myself? To me they are as foreign as the symbols a toddler looks at. I know they should mean something, they would be great to embed, but to me they are just words without impact.

My upbringing, when I received an affirmation, this was generally non-specific, such as ‘you are so (clever/beautiful…insert word here). I don’t remember, apart from one occasion, in primary school and home, receiving a very specific compliment (beautiful handwriting) and I know at that time, I accepted it. I went to the type of secondary school where if you were smart, you hid it. Which I was and did. I wonder if it was due to lack of compliments due to hiding my hard-work, that I have never been able to ‘take a compliment’ and now, in my forties, I am only just able to reply a ‘thank you’ when they are given.

Yet, I live my life offering affirmations to others; as a teacher and a parent. I specifically look for these when working alongside children and apply them just at the right moment. To my class, I affirm how wonderful they are as a group and how fortunate I am to be their teacher. To those I teach and the little one I parent, I must appear an open book. I perhaps over-compensate with my daughter in showering her with love and above all, affirming to her she is special to me and I am lucky she is my daughter.

Reflecting on all of this I wonder, perhaps, once you start believing compliments you can create affirmations and take them on board. Perhaps this is the key.

I am strong, I am intelligent, I can learn anything and do anything I set my mind to. Believe in yourself, always!

Special Offer: One month publishing anniversary!

Great price!

To celebrate, for one week, I have reduced the digital copy of ‘Becoming a Successful International Teacher’ by UK GBP £1, US $1 and Canada $1. So for the UK, the price is now £4.99! If you were thinking of purchasing it, do so soon for this great value price! Full price will resume on 19/08/21.


I have begun recoding on my YouTube channel. So far I have added an introduction and a walk through of my guide. If you would like me to discuss certain topics or would like to have questions answered through these videos, please let me know and I will record topics for you. My plan is to try to record a video for each stage of the international teachers journey. Here is the link:

Playing around with Canva

Previously, I have experimented with Canva when making business cards, even when having a try at mocking up my book cover. Recently, I’ve been making little info-graphics to share areas of my book that I feel will help teachers at their particular stage of the international journey. Right now, teachers are either prepping to leave abroad or have moved (and perhaps stopping in quarantine). So I made this little info-graphic on top tips prior to leaving your home country. I hope it helps!

Five top tips on moving abroad

Becoming a Successful International Teacher: A concise step-by-step guide to international teaching

Check out my book on Goodreads: Becoming a Successful International Teacher: A concise step-by-step guide to international teaching

If you do read it please add your review. Thanks so much.

Amazon Author Page

I’m proud to say I now have an author page! It contains a little bio plus another place for this blog to be seen. Very exciting and still a surreal experience. I had a director from a recruitment company mentioned in my book tell me today he had purchased it. He said it was good, and it was the book he was always going to write. A member from my Facebook also commented that it had a lot of helpful information. These two mentions plus 5 star reviews on GoodReads are a big boost to me! I’m glad it’s beginning to be shared.

My reasons for writing a guide for international teachers

The lovely folk at #Teacheroo have just published my blog about why I was motivated to write the guide, Becoming a Successful International Teacher. If you are interested, give it a read!

Becoming a Successful International Teacher: a concise step-by-step guide to international teaching

I have published ‘Becoming a Successful International Teacher’

The guide is now on Amazon, I hope it will support both new and aspiring international teachers make the leap abroad! Every step and stage of the journey is covered, in a direct and concise way! If you prefer an Ebook, this will be available very soon and I will post here. Enjoy!

Here is the link:

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