Early Years EAL in International Schools

I’m excited to be partaking in the FOBISIA online EJaws for Early Years Language, Communication and Literacy at The International School @ ParkCity this Friday. This is my second FOBISIA EJaws for Early Years I have attended, so I am really looking forward to networking and making new connections.However, this time I am presenting a webinar! I will speak aboutContinue reading “Early Years EAL in International Schools”

Free DEI plans and stories

I wanted to share this link as the resources are fantastic for parents with children or those of us teaching young children. The company is thinkequal.org. Right now they offer free resources to teach Personal/Social/Emotion learning to young kids, I think the resources could work all the way through Primary school age. Especially useful areContinue reading “Free DEI plans and stories”

A forum especially made for teachers!

https://social.teacheroo.io/groups/new-to-international-teaching/register Hi everyone! I wanted you all to know about an exciting new outlet for this group, where I hope we will be able to chat in real time. It is called the Teacheroo! App. I have supported shaping this app (available on Apple and android) and I think it will be a really greatContinue reading “A forum especially made for teachers!”

What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)

This past month feels like I am on a fast spinning treadmill! It’s been fabulous! Firstly, I recorded for Kathy Brodie’s Early Years Summit which was my first experience of offering external CPD. I knew of this Summit as my Masters’ dissertation was based on ‘Interactions’ which amazingly was running in the year I beganContinue reading “What an experience! Recording for a Summit and podcasting (06/05/21)”